Treatment for PMDD Success StoriesOnce in a while I think it is good to refresh ourselves with good news when it comes to treatment of PMDD. One of the ways we can do this is to look at some examples of great success that some women have had when dealing with PMDD.I have been waiting for a little while to collate a few stories from women who have overcome PMDD using my eBook and have a few that I would LOVE to share with you to see that it can be done! :)

PMDD Treatment Success Story #1

 Dalia from Seattle – This young lady emailed me thanking me for the advice as she has had a remarkable turn around. She is now 24 but has been suffering from PMDD for about 6 years she thinks. It destroyed her last relationship which prompted her to get on birth control pills to help – but this did not help that much. Some symptoms were reduced, both new ones appeared! Sbhe was already a healthy eater for the most part and fairly fit – but once off the birth control pills and using the herbal remedies in the ebook Dalia improved tremendously. It took 3 months of experimenting with food and herbal remedies but now she has on ly minor PMS rather than full blown PMDD – and it is improving every month!

PMDD Treatment Success Story #2

Fay emailed me with this inspiring note!

I just wanted to say how positive and inspired I feel by your research and and activity sheets.  To find a way to work through a condition that, until recently, I felt only applied to me and could only be treated by mind numbing tablets, is a revolution.  I’m in the process of making the changes to my lifestyle and know it’s not just a quick fix, but a ‘lifetime’ plan.  However, I’m already starting to feel more in control and positive.”

I can already feel the power of positive thinking and long term planning helping Fay though this tough period. This guide is more than just information as Fay mentions, it is about inspiration and helping you plan for a better future.

PMDD Treatment Success Story #3

Layna admits she is a work in progress but emailed me this:

“Thank you for the advice Jane. I must admit I was skeptical and only half followed some of the advice in the book. When I got hit once more with some severe PMDD I lost hope and deleted the files so thank you fro sending again. This time I am following thing much more closely and while I am still suffering greatly with anxiety toward the start of my period it has showed some signs of improvement, especially when it comes to sleeping better and reducing cramps.”

As you can see, regular women just like you and me can use natural treatments for PMDD to greatly improve their lives. Everyone is different as you can see, sometimes it can take longer or shorter periods to see some change but the natural methods to treat PMDD are like that – a slow build to a better future that actually LASTS. It is not like taking a drug that when you stop all the symptoms and problems close back in around you. This is a change in lifestyle and attitude towards your own health combined with herbal and dietary changes that produce results – not just a band aid to your problems.

If you want to know more about the complete PMDD Treatment Miracle ebook course and workbooks, check the main page of my site here.

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