There is nothing worse than feeling you are alone. All the pain in the world seems muted when you have support and help, but without aid even minor problems can seem enormous, or can begin to snowball into something much bigger. PMDD support for women is so crucial because of this, but is so hard to come by because PMDD is not an obvious illness to most people. Not only is it not as obvious as something more physical, the very nature of PMDD can turn people away from helping you if you have had some major mood swings around them. To add one more problem most women face in this regard, we often do not actively seek support for PMDD because we are embarrassed about the entire thing!

PMDD Support

So what do we mean exactly when we talk about PMDD Support though? The word support often conjures very different images to peoples minds so I wanted to give you what MY idea of support is. Support to me is a broad network of people and systems that will be there for you when you are having difficulty coping with PMDD and will be connected to your life strongly. See the words in itlaics there, those are the important ones to pay attention to.

  • Network – A network is an extended series of connections that link together. When it comes to people that means your family is a kind of network, your friends are another, often your family and friends are linked as well making the network bigger and stronger. The more people and the better connected they are as well means you have more people understanding and looking out to help you.
  • People – Support is first and foremost about people. Real connections with real people who can show real human compassion and can aid directly. This could be helping by being supportive and understanding, or might be more physical like helping you physically doing errands or taking you where you need to go. Always remember being supported means having the right people around you.
  • Systems – While people are the core of supporting networks in your life, without some sort of agreements, and communications about PMDD and how you need to be supported you will not have the systems in place to enact any of this. An example of a support network without a system might be a family that know the problem, but never speak about it, and never really consider deeply how to help.
  • Connected – This is the glue that ties all of this together; Connections. The people in your network must be connected to you, and connected to the systems that need to be in place to help. It is about clarity and commitment form them and yourself to help make a difference. It is also about YOU making sure you are connected to them and vice versa.

support networks for PMDD


Support for PMDD might look a little more complicated than you thought perhaps? Not to worry! It is not really difficult, it is all about understanding hoe to best make use of all the fantastic people in your life and how you should approach this situation. What you need to do is go out and CREATE this support network because they do not often form all the links listed above by itself.

You might have great people in your life, but they do not know each other or how to help you with your PMDD. You might have a few close people who know the problem but this might not be enough to help you when you are really feeling low. You might know the best way for people to manage helping you – but you have not gone out there and broached the subject of PMDD support with them.

It comes down to you knowing your conditions and actively cultivating a great support network. Consider the points above and get out there and do this because it will help you far beyond PMDD. It will also mean you will become a part of THIER support networks if they are having problems with anything in their lives as well. This amazing synergy is what we build amazing lives on!

To help you understand your condition better though, and what you personally need to do to combat it, click here for The PMDD Treatment Miracle eBook that will detail the natural ways you can cure PMDD for good!


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