pcos and pmddSomeone emailed me asking if there was any links between PMDD and another disorder called Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). I do not have an exact answer to this as I cannot find any scientific proof of a link but I did find a number of people online that had both conditions at the same time making this seem at least plausible.

Since PCOS is also a disorder that has a lot to do with hormonal imbalances I would suspect that some women will be susceptible to having both PCOS and PMDD while their bodies are not balanced correctly.

PCOS seems to stem from a deficiency with the hormone insulin which must be produced in much greater amounts to use glucose in the blood stream properly. This produces more androgens in a women’s body as well as clogging the hormone pathways leading to dysfunction in the ovaries and many other symptoms as well.

I would say that any women who is having serious hormonal problems is at risk of a great number of conditions including PMDD and PCOS however I have no conclusive proof. In any case, the only cure for PCOS or PMDD is to normalise those hormones using a natural and holistic set of changes in your life rather than flinging drugs at the problem.

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