PMDD mood Treatment Mood swings and volatile states of mind are a hallmark of PMDD turning usually stable and controlled women into strange creatures who will lash out, break down, withdraw – or all three – during the last weeks of the menstrual cycle. Being able to control these explosive and unwanted changes in mood is something very desirable for women with this disorder … but what PMDD mood treatments are there that can help?

Well in my opinion there are two things we are talking about here: changing your hormonal balance so that it does not affect your mood regulators which is basically curing PMDD, or taking actions to improve mood despite PMDD.

Treating PMDD should be of prime concern to every women who has it, but this is a long term plan involving many lifestyle changes in diet, exercise, sleep, and various supplements that can help. All this combined will bring he body back into balance and your mood regulating brain chemicals will function properly once more.

The more short term solution to these mood problems is by increasing the good mood brain chemicals as much as you can to counteract the depression, anger and irritation you begin to feel. This can be done with a few things such as particular herbal remedies, intense exercise sessions that release feel good endorphins into your brain, and there are also some foods that can stimulate endorphins and serotonin in your body to make you feel a lot happier if only for a short period.

Both of these things must be combined to really defeat PMDD and be free of its emotional roller coaster. Check out the PMDD Treatment Miracle for more information on this.

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