PMDD cureThere is much need for a PMDD cure for women who suffer from this debilitating condition. The moodiness, the sleeplessness, the range, the sadness, the broken relationships and everything that follows this period within your menstrual cycle is so destructive that many women will want to believe in a cure for PMDD no matter WHAT it is.

Cure all pills, tonics, drugs of all sorts and many alternative therapies are all offered in one for or another online and in the community to help women with severe PMS or with PMDD. Sometimes some of these things might produce the occasional good result to leading to many people prematurely jumping on the bandwagon and proclaiming a PMDD treatment guaranteed to cure the disorder.

What is the truth of the matter though, is there really a PMDD cure?

I am the author of a guide called the PMDD treatment miracle so you might think that I would fully support the idea of a total cure for PMDD – but this is actually not completely correct. You see, PMDD has two parts: genetic disposition, and environmental factors.

Genetically some women are predisposed to PMDD just as some people are predisposed to depression, addictions, anxiety and so forth. There is nothing much you can do about this, your body might be very strong in other ways dealing with other problems but the vast variety of differences between people means you are more susceptible to PMDD.

Environmental factors however are at the core of PMDD as well. Your lifestyle, what you eat, how you manage your life, where you live even, all of these things have an effect on the hormones in your body which may be in balance to a degree during the rest of the month, but just a few bad lifestyle choices may tip you into the PMS/PMDD zone.

What this means is that some women will always need to be vigilant against PMDD and other hormonal based disorders. Your genetics have left you short changed in this regards and you must work harder than others to stay balanced. Other women might be able to eat badly, sleep terribly and deal with stress in a bad way and end up never suffering any sort of PMS or worse because they are blessed with better genetics for this periocular set of conditions.

So what the hell does this have to do with a PMDD cure??

OK, enough explanation – the idea if that you cannot cure PMDD, you can only control and treat it. That being said, if you control it well enough you may as well be cured. The word cure implies you can never get it again which is not true if you have a genetic disposition.

The good news is that long term change to your lifestyle can make a difference to how your body reacts even if those environmental pressures return meaning that the longer you treat PMDD naturally – the more chance you will have of never experiencing PMDD ever again!

So if you want to control PMDD and feel cured – or at least totally in control of your body and moods, click below for my take on PMDD treatment.

The PMDD Treatment Miracle

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