PMDD and bipolar disorderAnother woman contacted me asking if there was a link between PMDD and bipolar disorder which I thought I would answer here. This is one of the things that makes PMDD such a difficult subject. Some people do not believe you have any problem just thinking it is some excuse to be bitchy like PMS and put you down as if it was a minor thing when you felt like killing yourself … The other issue is that serious mental illness can compound the issue, or divert from the issue.

The thing is that bipolar disorder is a serious problem that has many similarities between it and PMDD. The wild mood swings for instance, the deep depressions, the sometimes cyclical nature of the whole process.

There are however a number of differenced between the conditions such as with PMDD you do not suffer any ‘mania’ or extreme highs. After the onset of bleeding you will stop the downward symptoms of PMDD and normalise while bipolar sufferers can become so manic it wears them out and causes a serious mood crash.

There is no link between PMDD and bipolar that I know of, but what this does bring up is that someone with PMDD can also have other disorders as well which is very dangerous as you might only become diagnosed or one or the other.

The easiest way to determine these things is to track your symptoms at times outside of the last week or two of the menstrual cycle. If you are suffering from some sort of mental or physical symptoms then – it may be from an unrelated condition. You might just have that or you might have bipolar, or depression, or a thousands other problems AS WELL as PMDD.

Be careful in self diagnosis, talk to your doctor, but we aware yourself of what all symptoms are and when they occur to be better informed!

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