natural remedies for PMDDIf you have PMDD you might have been taking some drugs to stopt he symptoms, or you might have at least been offered them by the doctor. However, as many women are starting to realise, medication and one shot solutions are not long term solutions with lasting impacts. They are instead band aid solutions to mask symptoms; they do not tackle the root causes of PMDD and the hormonal imbalance in your body. Natural remedies for PMDD might instead be something you are looking into to stop that last week or two of your menstrual cycle from becoming the time of despair, anger, pain, and loathing that it usually is.

But what is a natural remedy for PMDD? What do they entail? Is it just a big sham, or are they the holistic natural cure that you need?

Well I can say from first hand experience that natural remedies are NOT a scam, they are not a placebo, and they work, and work well. However, they are not what a lot of people believe them to be. Some have images of eating strange plants and putting faith in some for of mysticism which is total baloney! A natural remedy for any condition like PMDD is actually a whole set of lifestyle changes that you need to do to bring your body back into hormonal balance.

For instance, in my PMDD Treatment Miracle e-book I promote many different ways that all tie together, and influence each other to form a holistic healing approach. Just a few of these methods are:

  • Dietary changes
  • Stress Relief (more important than you might think!)
  • Herbal and vitamin supplements (yes, they are there but they are not the only thing)
  • Changes to Sleeping patterns
  • Exercises regimes
  • And more

This is not just making herbal teas. Those things help but nothing worth doing is ever achieved by doing something very simple – it is something that should change your whole attitude towards your health and implement what natural resources you can get at the same time.

For more information on exactly how to apply these things click the link below to look into my e-book on the matter.

The PMDD Treatment Miracle

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