medication for PMDDI am a huge advocate for natural solutions to many health problems. In fact, I believe that a huge number of ailments do not need any sort of drugs to clear up as drugs and medication in general are usually designed to just cover up the symptoms of a disorder and not cure it from deep down at the root cause. So are medications for PMDD useful at all, or should they be put back in the cupboard in favour of natural treatment methods?

Well I believe this is a question you really need to ask yourself as we all have a choice in this life on many things including our health. Let look at the pros and cons.

Pros of medications for PMDD

  • Immediate relief of symptoms
  • Ongoing ease of symptom relief
  • Little to no effort involved

Cons of Medications for PMDD

  • Many side effects that a lot of women do experience
  • does not treat the root cause of PMDD
  • Can lead to an addiction to certain drugs
  • Only masks symptoms so when drug taking stops they will return
  • Further clogs your body with more chemicals that cause knock on effects

For balance, not everyone suffers the negative side effects of drugs, but no one becomes better by taking drugs. Some people improve their lifestyles while on drugs and when they stop they find their conditions lessened or gone – but most of the time this is NOT the case.

You have the choice to make, the easy and short term path of relief from pain and anguish using PMDD medications, or the longer and harder road that leads to a much brighter future for a lot longer.

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