coping with PMDDPMDD is a horrible and often terrifying condition that puts you on a rollercoaster ride of emotional anguish every few weeks. I remember knowing that is was coming and that made it worse too, I would be anxious and worried even though I felt ok after my period because I knew soon I would turn into what felt like another person. Coping with PMDD felt like trying to stay calm asI slowly escalated up a huge slope slowly as if on a roller coaster, knowing I would soon plunge down … and I had no safety belt!

So what can you do to cope with PMDD? How can you deal with this problem?

Well, first of all coping is not curing – you can treat PMDD in a natural manner by changes in your lifestyle such as diet, exercise, herbal remedies and other things that all tie together to rebalance your hormones and stop this from causing major mood disorder and physical pain.

However this take a little bit of time, as you change your lifestyle what is the best way to cope with any lingering symptoms that might still eventuate?

Well, assuming you are not going down the route of drugs and medication there are a few short term coping strategies you can use while you work on the larger picture of curing the root cause to help you cope with PMDD better such as:

Exercise: Decently intense exercise releases endorphins in your brain which make you feel a lot better. It will also work off some of the stress and worry that might build up too. A good exercise session that is more than just a walk will do amazing things for you short term AND long term.

Meditation: I am not into anything mystical or anything, but meditation is a way that you can slow down your mind and clear it of clutter for some time. Regular meditations when you are in the PMDD danger zone and out of it can really help you stay calm and reduce immediate stress.

Mood Boosting Foods: There are some foods that you can include regularly in your diet that have been shown to greatly enhance your mood such as turkey, oranges and even avocados.

However, all of this must be backed up by constant lifestyle changes, healthy eating and natural supplements to really overcome PMDD fast. Find out more about this in the PMDD Treatment Miracle.

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