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PMDD Mood Treatment Methods

PMDD mood Treatment Mood swings and volatile states of mind are a hallmark of PMDD turning usually stable and controlled women into strange creatures who will lash out, break down, withdraw – or all three – during the last weeks of the menstrual cycle. Being able to control these explosive and unwanted changes in mood is something very desirable for women with this disorder … but what PMDD mood treatments are there that can help?

Well in my opinion there are two things we are talking about here: changing your hormonal balance so that it does not affect your mood regulators which is basically curing PMDD, or taking actions to improve mood despite PMDD.

Treating PMDD should be of prime concern to every women who has it, but this is a long term plan involving many lifestyle changes in diet, exercise, sleep, and various supplements that can help. All this combined will bring he body back into balance and your mood regulating brain chemicals will function properly once more.

The more short term solution to these mood problems is by increasing the good mood brain chemicals as much as you can to counteract the depression, anger and irritation you begin to feel. This can be done with a few things such as particular herbal remedies, intense exercise sessions that release feel good endorphins into your brain, and there are also some foods that can stimulate endorphins and serotonin in your body to make you feel a lot happier if only for a short period.

Both of these things must be combined to really defeat PMDD and be free of its emotional roller coaster. Check out the PMDD Treatment Miracle for more information on this.

What Herbal Treatment for PMDD Is There?

herbal treatment for pmddOnce you become disenchanted with the world of pharmaceutical drugs, instant cure pills, and lab made miracle cures that really only mask symptoms of various conditions, one place you might be looking into is the realm of herbal remedies. A herbal treatment for PMDD might be just what you need once you realise that a more natural solution to this disorder will be of more benefit to you, but where to start, and also, does it really work?

I am a big believer in the usage of additional herbal and vitamin supplements to help with PMDD and many other conditions as they do not come with the sort of side effects of drugs and used correctly can work in harmony with your natural healing processes rather than fighting against them. However, no matter how big a believer in herbs and vitamins I am I do know they are not the ONLY answer. Too many try to peddle herbal potions and tonics that claim to cure so many things when really it is just one piece in a more elaborate puzzle – you need MORE than just herbs.

That being said, they are a very helpful addition and for PMDD there are a couple that can helps such as:

  • Magnesium– Taking 250-350 milligrams of magnesium daily can also greatly reduce PMDD symptoms.  It can help boost mood, improve sleep quality, reduce cramping and pain, and even help reduce stress. Again be aware of how much magnesium you already consume from food as well.
  • Chasteberry- The chasteberry, or monk’s pepper, has long been used to help treat women suffering from PMDD.  While doctors are uncertain exactly how it works, studies show that this herbal remedy helps to alleviate many PMDD symptoms, including irritability, headaches, and mood swings.
  • St. John’s Wort- This herb is known as nature’s antidepressant, and numerous studies have shown it to be as effective as or more effective than traditional antidepressants.  If depression commonly accompanies your PMDD, you may wish to consider these supplements to provide the relief that you need.

There are many more, if you would like to find out about these and the other steps you need to get rid of PMDD forever, click here to look into the PMDD Treatment Miracle.

Coping with PMDD

coping with PMDDPMDD is a horrible and often terrifying condition that puts you on a rollercoaster ride of emotional anguish every few weeks. I remember knowing that is was coming and that made it worse too, I would be anxious and worried even though I felt ok after my period because I knew soon I would turn into what felt like another person. Coping with PMDD felt like trying to stay calm asI slowly escalated up a huge slope slowly as if on a roller coaster, knowing I would soon plunge down … and I had no safety belt!

So what can you do to cope with PMDD? How can you deal with this problem?

Well, first of all coping is not curing – you can treat PMDD in a natural manner by changes in your lifestyle such as diet, exercise, herbal remedies and other things that all tie together to rebalance your hormones and stop this from causing major mood disorder and physical pain.

However this take a little bit of time, as you change your lifestyle what is the best way to cope with any lingering symptoms that might still eventuate?

Well, assuming you are not going down the route of drugs and medication there are a few short term coping strategies you can use while you work on the larger picture of curing the root cause to help you cope with PMDD better such as:

Exercise: Decently intense exercise releases endorphins in your brain which make you feel a lot better. It will also work off some of the stress and worry that might build up too. A good exercise session that is more than just a walk will do amazing things for you short term AND long term.

Meditation: I am not into anything mystical or anything, but meditation is a way that you can slow down your mind and clear it of clutter for some time. Regular meditations when you are in the PMDD danger zone and out of it can really help you stay calm and reduce immediate stress.

Mood Boosting Foods: There are some foods that you can include regularly in your diet that have been shown to greatly enhance your mood such as turkey, oranges and even avocados.

However, all of this must be backed up by constant lifestyle changes, healthy eating and natural supplements to really overcome PMDD fast. Find out more about this in the PMDD Treatment Miracle.

Medication for PMDD – Pros and Cons

medication for PMDDI am a huge advocate for natural solutions to many health problems. In fact, I believe that a huge number of ailments do not need any sort of drugs to clear up as drugs and medication in general are usually designed to just cover up the symptoms of a disorder and not cure it from deep down at the root cause. So are medications for PMDD useful at all, or should they be put back in the cupboard in favour of natural treatment methods?

Well I believe this is a question you really need to ask yourself as we all have a choice in this life on many things including our health. Let look at the pros and cons.

Pros of medications for PMDD

  • Immediate relief of symptoms
  • Ongoing ease of symptom relief
  • Little to no effort involved

Cons of Medications for PMDD

  • Many side effects that a lot of women do experience
  • does not treat the root cause of PMDD
  • Can lead to an addiction to certain drugs
  • Only masks symptoms so when drug taking stops they will return
  • Further clogs your body with more chemicals that cause knock on effects

For balance, not everyone suffers the negative side effects of drugs, but no one becomes better by taking drugs. Some people improve their lifestyles while on drugs and when they stop they find their conditions lessened or gone – but most of the time this is NOT the case.

You have the choice to make, the easy and short term path of relief from pain and anguish using PMDD medications, or the longer and harder road that leads to a much brighter future for a lot longer.